Not passive anymore concerning passive houses

So look, we know how to do this stuff. If you want your house to stay warm, you put a lot of glass facing south (in the northern hemisphere) and build with a lot of insulation.  Massive objects within the envelope heat and cool slowly to moderate changes and. A proper design allows for a reduction of sunlight in the summer to avoid over-heating.   The result is a house that needs no heat!  We have known how to do this for decades and we still keep throwing up the same old oil powered houses. Houses are oriented for the view or toward the street with no solar consideration at all.  Considering the fact that we spill blood and tear up virgin forests to get at the energy to heat these stupid buildings, I think I have a problem with that.  Please tell me again why we cozy up to oil rich dictators, and coat our beaches with oil,  just so we can build our houses badly?

It is because we as a nation fear change. we are intellectually lazy. We have allowed the incumbent parties with vast economic interests to dominate the conversation.


Weapons do not make you secure

This debate was settled long ago in most civilized countries. Here in the US we are a nation of laws with elected leaders and a relatively free press. The idea that a bunch of yahoos with guns play any sort of role in assuring our freedom is charming but it is a relic of a former age. The folks carrying the water in the fight for freedom these days are the EFF and anonymous. If you care about freedom, learn about encryption, engage in local politics and vote carefully with every dollar you spend.