Danley plus QSC cardiod subs

We got to play with new toys. Every year they have Oysterfest on Cape Cod where six to eight thousand people come to stand around in a parking lot, drink beer, eat, listen to music, and watch people shuck oysters. We support six bands, and also the play by play announcers for the shucking contest.

My system consisted of four Danley SH-60’s mounted on crank up stands powered by a pair of crown 4 kilowatt amps. The subs were two QSC KS212C, the single cabinet cardioid subwoofer. There was also a pair of TurboSound IQ10’s as front fills and some QSC k12 delays 70 feet back.

I’ve done this gig for 10 years. We’ve used Many different systems including Cabinets we built loaded with JBL, Meyer, Jbl, and Turbosound. We have used both point source and line arrays. The Danleys had by far the smallest footprint of any system we have used. It was remarkably loud. and the intelligibility was great. The two boxes mount together to yield a 60 by 120 degree pattern. Since the drivers end up just a few inches apart, the two cabinets are effectively a point source. If you are not familiar with this box, There are nine drivers stuffed into each sh-60. (2 twelve inch woofers, 6 mids and a HF driver) The woofers are behind the walls of the horn. The means all the energy in all the frequency bands originate from a single point. The spec say it gets down to 48 HZ (- 3 db). We rolled them off at 70 since we were using subs.

Speaking of the subs, The QSC KS212C Powered Dual 12″ Cardioid Subwoofer boxes are fairly remarkable. The single box directional bass cabinet seems to work very well making it less muddy on the stage. Once again, it was a great deal of low end from a very small package. The company rep said the cabinets retain the cardioid pattern when stacked. I plan to put that to a test. They come with casters on the back and handles as well as rubber feet to allow wide or tall orientation. Two threaded sockets for a speaker pole included The narrow form factor and the pole mounts for both vertical and horizontal offer possibilities.

Mother Shucker

Danley SH 60 spec sheet