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Technology Terror:

Technology is a major part of running a business. It can be very empowering: when it works.  Every vendor, customer, and regulatory agency you deal with is hurtling into the digital age –  automating their work with varying rates of success.  Some things works well but sometimes they get a little rough around the edges. Often just knowing who to call with an issue can be a problem. 

We can help:

we help with those rough edges. by taking a systems approach to all your technology and finding problems across boundaries.  Increasingly network communications play a role in heating/ac, energy management, environment monitoring,  and entertainment. Often  knowing who to call when there is an issue can be a problem.

Make a plan:

We offer fractional information technology services. That is a fancy way of saying if your computer breaks we will come and fix it. We will look at your system and help find your best upgrade strategy.  We will recommend vendors and configure and install computers, printers, displays, and sound systems. We will look at what you have and give you our honest opinion on your best upgrade strategy.

Network Performance:

No one likes to wait, and we all wonder while we are waiting, why are we waiting….  Sometimes a network can be artificially constrained by one ancient or misconfigured component resulting in slowness.


The internet has a lot of bad actors. It is important to configure things properly and keep them up to date. But it is equally important not to get taken in by the numerous “protection rackets” of anti virus products. We offer a non biased opinion on what is necessary and what is fluff.


What Customers say:

“Always ahead of curve with regard to technology trends. Whatever he is tinkering with now is probably going to be the next big thing” – Jonathan Baudanza


“Chris Blood has been helping me out with computers for almost 20 years, both here and in a former company.  You’d think I would have caught on by now!  His patience with us has been remarkable.  We’ve found him to be very knowledgeable, pleasant, and reliable.”  – Ann Hoyt
” Chris has been the computer technician for our business for close to 20 years.He is always there for us when equipment breaks down, and is very knowledgeable and up to date on all things in his field. If we are in need of new equipment, his recommendations never fail. Chris is a very interesting person, and clearly loves what he does.” – Paula Duguay
“I first reached out to Chris when I had a stubborn computer virus that nobody else could fix.  He outsmarted it with a simple solution.  Since then I’ve learned just how well-rounded a tekkie he is, and he’s been helping me with all manner of computer, internet, audio and sound for many years now.  I’d hate to lose this guy!” – MARK GABRIELE
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